Getting the Word Out about Evangelization

Theodore Musco, the Executive Director of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s School of Evangelization, discusses strategies to communicate and connect with members of their community and beyond. Learn how MCFD is used to deliver on the number one priority, education and formation.

MCFD partners with the Archdiocese of Chicago for Catechist Management

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, the third largest Archdiocese in the U.S., serves more than 2.3 million Catholics in Cook and Lake Counties in Northeastern Illinois, and administrates the nation’s largest private school system. Recently, the Archdiocese took an innovative approach to restructuring their Catechist Management program. Their first step was to speak with more than700 individuals to help draft the future direction. What they discovered was their programs weren't as accessible as they needed to be, weren't always aligned with expectations and outcomes, were taught with mixed quality, and were often too expensive.


Kristeen Quinonez Award Winner is…

In this photo: MCFD Co-Founder, Dena Bartlett, and last year's winner of the Kristeen Quinonez Award, Maebel Bato, pass the torch to this year's honoree, Jeremy Foster.

Kristeen Quinonez passed from this physical world in 2012, but not before leaving an indelible mark on everyone she touched.

This annual award exemplifies Kristeen's tremendous attitude and optimistic "can do" spirit; traits shared by the winner. The 2016 winner, Jeremy Foster, said, “This is especially meaningful because I worked closely with Kristeen and admire the way she approached both her work and the people she worked with. I hope to emulate her enthusiasm and kindness.”

Congratulations Jeremy! Well-deserved.