My Catholic Faith Delivered New User Interface

Learn More About Our Updates

After we release our updates, when you first login, we will provide interactive tours for each page to introduce all of our new features. We hope this makes your transition to our new system an easier one. If you are interested in a sneak preview and want to read more about our updates, details for each page are listed below.


  • Last Lesson — The first thing you will see is a big Last Lesson button. Click this button to quickly return to where you last left off in your learning.
  • Reports — We have added several new report charts to give a visual representation of your learning progress. Click the Reports button to see more detailed information about your reports.
  • Bookmarks — You can now view the last lesson page you bookmarked and quickly access all of your saved bookmarks from your Dashboard.
  • Journal — You can now view your last saved journal entry and quickly access all of your saved entries from your Dashboard.
  • Badges — We have created a badge feature to reward you for your personal achievements. Badges will not affect your lesson reports or requirements for a course certification; they are merely a fun way for you to track your various achievements. How many different badges can you earn?
  • Discussions — On your Dashboard, discussions are separated out into 3 sections: 1. Notifications; 2. Group Discussions (diocese, parish, homeschool, etc.); 3. Class Discussions. Numbered flags are used to alert you of new discussions.
  • User Settings — Hover over your name to bring up your user options. Use these options to change your profile information or to access support or live chat.

My Information

  • Profile Information — View or edit your basic profile information, such as your name, password, email address, language preference, etc. You may also add or edit your picture here.
  • Badges — Find all of your earned badges here. Also, this is where you will search for badges you have not yet earned.
  • Reports — View all of your lesson reports from one easy location.
  • Certificates — Go here to find certificates of completion for the courses you have completed.


  • New Menu — The Courses page has a new menu with course groupings and an archived courses folder.
  • Sorting — As you progress through your lessons, you now have the option to only show lessons you have not yet finished.
  • Archive — After you complete a course, if you no longer want it to display on your courses menu, click the Archive button to filed it away in your Archived folder. You still have access to archived courses and may choose to un-archive them at any time.
  • Class Information — We have added all of your class information to your courses page. From one location, you may stay up-to-date on your class discussions and your reports for that class.


  • Discussions — This is your main hub for all of your group discussions. Keep in touch with your group by replying to discussion threads started by your group administrator.
  • People — Go here to view your group members and to see their profile pictures.
  • Information — Go here to view the information about your group that your Group Administrator created.


  • eCards — You can now send an eCard to family and friends. Simply select the card you want to send and complete the information for the card.
  • Help — We have recorded help/tutorial videos for each of our main pages (Dashboard, My Info, Courses, Groups, Library, and Admin). These can all be found on your Help page. Click the ? in the top-right corner of any screen for a shortcut to these help pages.


  • Reports — Access all of your admin reports in one area. These reports now have sortable headers, giving you he option to determine what information is most important to you.
  • Manage — We have updated our manage page to make it more user-friendly. Use this tool to look up user information, reset passwords, unlock accounts, and to view your group and class rosters.