Using Technology to Educate and Catechize, is Online Enough?

Here’s the unavoidable truth; today’s learners want bite-size courses they can access from any device with an internet connection. While MCFD’s platform provides the ability for parishes and dioceses to deliver that desired online learning, what we really promote is blended learning.  Online catechesis alone is not enough. We believe there must be a blending of community and face-to-face aspect to the learning.

The real value of a technology system for online learning is what that technology allows you to do beyond traditional courses and lessons. MCFD brings you the ability to communicate with the parish through customized emails and announcements. You'll be able to build community by creating public and private groups, conversing with members based on similar needs or interests, and connecting with homebound parishioners.

Using MCFD, you can invite your members to live parish and diocesan events. Schedule, manage, track and certify all aspects of your live classes. You'll also be able to collaborate in small ministries, study groups, or with the larger parish group. Send pastor communications from a private site open only to parish members and post videos or other materials to frame collaborative discussions.

It truly is an online learning system for sharing the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith with a wider audience than ever before. Read more about it in this article from Catholic World Report...

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