Diocese of Jefferson City is Live!

The Diocese of Jefferson City is an ecclesiastical territory of the Roman Catholic Church in the state of Missouri.  The diocese consists of 38 counties in mainly rural northeastern and central Missouri. It also includes the urban areas of Columbia, as well as the state capital, Jefferson City. The diocese has 95 parishes, 40 schools, and serves 88,000 Catholics.

As a medium-sized diocese covering remote areas, having access to mobile technology was important for communicating and serving their community, teachers, and catechists. Recognizing the mixed quality of current catechist training, and struggling to coordinate programs that weren't as accessible as they would like, the diocese knew they needed an affordable online formation model.    

They reached out to My Catholic Faith Delivered (MCFD) to power their online efforts.  MDFD is an online learning platform for dioceses, parishes, schools and individuals. A Hub for Faith Formation, MCFD supports dioceses by providing an online, central system of record, specializing in certification management. The technology supports learners with lifelong faith formation - anytime, anywhere, and from any device. 

Forming and certifying Catholic school teachers and catechists is not only a huge responsibility for passing on the faith, but is now a contractual requirement for teachers in most dioceses. In order to offer this online certification in a timely manner, Jefferson City expedited their project by choosing the so-called "Chicago Model" for lifelong faith formation. It's a proven program offering online learning for parishioners to engage in deepening their faith, with the flexibility to work through online lessons at a time that fits in with a busy family schedule. 

They achieved their six-month implementation timeline and opted for rolling out the new program in January 2018 to better fit in with their teachers' schedule. The initial response has been positive, with close to 600 teachers getting enrolled into courses. Catechist certification is soon to follow. With the installation of Bishop-elect McKnight slotted for February 6th, the diocese has definitely been busy at work!

How can the MCFD Faith Formation Hub help you achieve your objectives? For more information, visit mycatholicfaithdelivered.com or call Jake Schmitz (cell) 913-954-0336.

For more information on the Chicago model, please visit: www.formedcatholiconline.com

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