Stay Proactive on Your Coaches' Certifications - Go Online and Keep Your Coaches Safe!

No sports on TV…no national tournaments, no local teams practicing or playing…and the Olympics are postponed!  

Certainly, public health is the most critical issue at hand, but it’s important to remember that these conditions are temporary. Sports will once again play a beneficial role in our lives in terms of fitness, stress relief, building teamwork, boosting self esteem and more.  

Catholic Faith Technologies, in cooperation with our partner, Coaching Coaches, LLC wants you to know that all of you are in our prayers as we battle this unwanted crisis. There are ways to prepare for your upcoming seasons even when teams and coaches can’t gather.

Coaching Coaches provides online courses through the CFT platform. These online programs provide a way for coaches to meet their coaching requirements and certifications while staying safe at home. These courses have been viewed by more than 60,000 coaches representing several different dioceses with extraordinarily positive evaluations.  

By utilizing these online programs, your CYO program can stay current with its coaches' requirements, avoid multiple coaching meetings, and prevent the gathering of people when we start to get back to some normalcy.

We frequently hear “we aren’t sure who will be coaching this fall,” but experience shows that over fifty percent of coaches are planning on coaching in the fall. New coaches may have been waiting for this opportunity for years.

These three courses can be a positive step forward in an uncertain time:

Coaching to Make a Positive Difference:    This online program is the foundation for all the programs.  New diocese price is $20 versus $29 through June 30th, 2020.  


Looking in the Mirror:  this online program is designed for more experienced volunteer coaches (greater than 3 years), high school coaches and can be used as a re-certification course.  New diocese price is $20 versus $29 through June 30th, 2020.  


Positive Parent Participation:  this online PARENT program is a real eye-opener for PARENTS.  It is a short online program which delivers a very strong message to parents as to their role in youth sports.  This online program completes the Coaching Coaches' Triangle:  Child, Coach and Parent!  The cost will be $15 until July 31, 2020

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