Built for a Higher Purpose – and this is it!

Our hearts and prayers are with the families and communities suffering during this pandemic, and with those whose lives have been so disrupted.

As a technology company built to serve Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, and individuals – the impact of isolation is perhaps less for us. What so many are experiencing as the “new normal” of working and learning from home, is normal for us - and we are here to help you.

When closures and #stayhome initiatives started, we along with our generous partners made the decision to offer free courses to help curb the sense of detachment that students and others might feel. Creating a sense of normalcy by offering a way for others to continue in the formation of their faith and self-development is one way we can help the Church.

Along the way, we were the ones truly blessed!

·         806 new organizations utilizing the CFT platform and mycatholicfaithdelivered.com library

·         Global relationships from as far as Scotland, New Zealand, and Thailand

·         CYO coaching certification is continuing online through Coaching Coaches

·         Self-development assessments and suggested courses are being accessed through NCEAIFG.com

·         Individuals are exploring and advancing their faith through Catholic Distance University courses

·         Baptism Preparation is taking place online through RENEW International

·         Spanish versions of our courses are being used throughout the nation and world

Online learning systems are our areas of expertise, so they do not have to be yours. If you need help with faith formation, certifications, centralized communications, or diocesan ministries and systems of records, please reach out. At Catholic Faith Technologies, At Catholic Faith Technologies, we share the language of the Church and understand your needs. We are here to serve.  









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