Are you looking for a program to help your diocese or parish standardize their teaching methods?

Many of our catechists are our talented volunteers who keep our parishes running. Some of them have little to no professional, methods training. Moreover, today's catechists are receiving their instruction from different instructors in different locations. Wouldn't it be great to know that all of your catechists are being taught the same information to produce a standard baseline of knowledge?

My Catholic Faith Delivered, along with the Diocese of Sacramento, presents a new, online course designed to help catechists develop their teaching, spirituality and methods. Catechesis 101 gives an overview of the deductive and inductive methods of learning and introduces a powerful catechetical method, comprised of five simple steps: Preparation, Proclamation, Explanation, Application and Celebration. This is an innovative, 8 lesson course designed to give Catholic catechists a solid foundation.

Faith Foundations presents the teachings of the faith in an interactive format. The information of the lesson is taught through video presentations which draw heavily from scripture. Using a mix of personal stories, prayers and discussion questions, this course makes it easy to learn and understand the Church's teaching about topics such as the Bible, Mary, Prayer, the Mass and the Sacraments. This course is used for adult formation and is a perfect fit for RCIA programs, catechist formation, and Bible study groups in your parish. Faith Foundations is now in Spanish, as well!

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