What is Theology of the Body in Touch?

Theology of the Body for the WHOLE FAMILY in age-appropriate presentations.

Teens need guidance in answering tough questions about life: “Who am I? Why am I here? Why should I go to Church? What is the meaning of life? Who is right—media or religion? Why do I feel these feelings? What is my calling in life?”

TOB in Touch helps answer these questions and more in presenting Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in fun, accessible, and reverent ways.

TOB in Touch with Middle School Students

This course is meant to demonstrate the far-reaching, foundational understanding of the overall view of the human person, with no mention of sex or sexuality. Thus, young teens are challenged to live according to the “language of their bodies,” meaning, for example, not using their parents, being persons of integrity, having times of silence rather than always “plugged in,” to name a few. Funny, interactive, and challenging, TOB in Touch with Middle School Students will have broad-reaching effects.

Course Synopsis

TOB in Touch with High School Students

With a built in review from TOB in Touch with Middle School Students, this course for high school students goes much deeper, helping teens to see the truth of the masculinity and femininity, sexual desire, marriage, priesthood, and consecrated life. Challenging diagrams will give teens tools to see the authentic way to live lives for true love, going against the fabricated version given to them by the media. Controversial issues will be covered in a future course, but not in this first course.

Course Synopsis

TOB in Touch with Adults and Educators

Parents and Catechists will find this handy in giving a brief, powerful, and foundational glimpse of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, which he himself called the “most suitable” way of educating people nowadays. With hints about how to reach teens, some do’s and don’ts, and a focus on the Bishops’ Document, The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, expert Monica Ashour gives a refreshing perspective on this profound teaching. Soon to follow is the more advanced course for those who watch and want to go even deeper.

Course Synopsis

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