Didache Series

Online Program for High School and Homeschool

The Didache Series presents the life doctrine of the Catholic Church in the context of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The series draws from Sacred Scripture, the lives of the Saints, and the Doctors and Fathers of the Church.

This program consists of four books:

  1. Introduction to Catholicism
  2. Understanding the Scriptures
  3. History of the Church
  4. Our Moral Life in Christ
The Didache Series is ideal for high school and adult education, seminaries and colleges, RCIA, catechism classes, and home schooling.

The Didache Series takes its name from the first known Christian catechesis and the earliest known Christian writing outside of Scripture, the Didache [DID-uh-kay] written in the first century. The name of the work, Didache, is appropriate because it comes from the Greek word for “teaching” and indicates that this writing contains the teaching of the Apostles and, as such, it is the teaching of the Church.

How is the Program Implemented?

Full Text Voiceover

The online version of the Didache Series includes all components of the student textbook and is supplemented with a full text voiceover for audio learners, which addresses readability level issues.

Online Assessments

Each chapter has assessments for all chapters, for teachers and parents to see how students are doing before and after their learning. These assessments are scored instantly and a historical record can be reviewed by instructors.

Rich Links and Multimedia

The online curriculum includes links to primary sources. Additionally, music and video are designed to help students pray. Each course includes excerpts of video from the Footprints of God series by Steve Ray.

Video Prayers

Each lesson begins and ends with a video-based prayer. These prayers are designed to help students to reflect upon the content in each chapter.

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