Take a Dynamic Trip through Scripture with Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly from Dynamic Catholic.com and My Catholic Faith Delivered has teamed up to present a new 8 lesson online course over the Scriptures!

The Bible should come with a warning label. Why? Because it will do things to you. We know that the Word of God, the Logos Himself, is Jesus. Spending time reading scripture is spending time with Christ in a very concrete and literal way. When you read it, it is reading you. Its Author is reading you from within. This Book has a special power to cause a response within its reader.

Matthew Kelly, Catholic author and writer, has spoken to over four million people and has written twelve books that made bestseller lists His titles include: The Rhythm of Life, The Seven Levels of Intimacy, The Dream Manager, Building Better Families and his latest book The Four Signs of the Dynamic Catholic.

How is the Program Implemented?

Over 60 Video Presentations Featuring Matthew Kelly

Each lesson includes video presentations by Matthew Kelly, from Dynamic Catholic. These presentations take you on an entertaining and comprehensive journey through Scripture.

Over 30 Interactive Activities

Test your knowledge by reconstructing Scripture versus, matching Scripture events, flipping through interactive Bible pages, creating journal entries, taking polls, and viewing frequently asked questions on Scripture.

Online Assessments

Each lesson has assessments, which are scored instantly and a historical record can be reviewed by instructors.

Online Discussions

Discussions are available to help foster a sense of community and fellowship. These discussions are organized at the class level, giving individual groups and parishes the ability to maintain their own information.

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