"If we fail to pass our faith on from this generation to the next, then we’re failing in one of the most important missions we have as a church."

Archbishop Emeritus James P Keleher

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My Catholic Faith Delivered engages learners with multimedia content such as videos, interactive games and other learning activities. The powerful system does more than supply courses. Users can track their progress, attain certifications, and collaborate with other learners.

Learn and Engage in a Mobile Environment

integrated tracking to give individuals, DREs and pastors the data needed to show progress
Better Tracking Results

Many dioceses and parishes do not have a way to measure learning. My Catholic Faith Delivered offers integrated tracking to give individuals, DREs and pastors the data needed to show the courses are working.

Quick and convenient online learning - anywhere, any time
Quick and Convenient Learning

A number of parishioners want to engage in deepening their faith, however, their schedule may not allow for participation in the parish bible studies. Online learning can meet this need, providing a way for parishioners to work through lessons at a time that fits in with a busy family schedule.

Ensure all learners receive consistent information
Consistent Training and Message

Online learning allows all participants to work through the same set of lessons. This ensures that all learners receive the same information in a consistent manner. As material is learned, use small groups in person or online to unpack the material and take a deeper look.

Flip the bible study model, let members review the material for in-depth discussion
Better Bible Studies and Small Groups

The online content can be used for a bible study or small faith group. When using the online program, group members have full access to all the content, instead of having to share DVDs. This helps flip the bible study model, where members are able to review the material and have greater, in-depth discussion.

Visual of Lesson Sharing - align learning outcomes from a national directly of Catechesis material supported by the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Your faith formation programs have certain focuses with desired outcomes, unique to your diocese or apostolate. At My Catholic Faith Delivered we have created our lessons with this in mind, so that our system can personalize an online course to match your curriculum.

Each lesson is generally aligned to learning outcomes from the National Directory of Catechesis supported by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. By telling us your curriculum outcomes, the flexibility of our system allows us to match them to a catalog of engaging lessons, organized to match your needs.The finished product is a customized course that you can offer to your users. Contact us to find out more.