"Without the diocese where would the priest or faithful turn? It is the diocese that ensures the universality of our precious Catholic Faith."

Archbishop Emeritus James P Keleher

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Dioceses have the joyful commission to connect their clergy and faithful with the teaching, traditions and timelessness of the Catholic Church. MCFD provides an online system rich in resources to help develop and manage people, collaborate on efforts, track results, and connect with the widest possible audience.

Innovative Tracking and Reporting

Online management of certification programs and diocesan events.

Create customized learning to match diocesan needs and desired outcomes.
Provide a viable online option for basic catechist training

Choose from readily-available courses in the MCFD content library. The content of each course is aligned with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Reconfigure the lessons in the courses to create customized learning that matches diocesan needs and desired outcomes.

Customize catechist certification tracks
Create and manage custom certifications

Select and arrange catechist training to create various certification tracks. For example, create adult learning based upon the four pillars of the faith. Use elective courses from premier publishers, such as Matthew Kelly, to meet specific spiritual needs.

Schedule, manage, and track live classes, then blend with online lessons
Schedule and manage live diocesan events

Schedule, manage, and track all aspects of live classes. Events can be included as part of a certification track or for other needs defined by the diocese. Live event tracking includes attendance verification. Use with online courses to create a blended learning experience that can be combined with online collaboration to help participants prepare for each class meeting.

Track learner progress through a dashboard
View current progress from a dashboard

View up to the minute progress of learners within each program. Use progress reports to send course reminders to participants and keep diocesan learners moving through courses.

Customizable Learning System

Use a blend of features for tracking and reporting.

MCFD Online Course Library

Customize existing content and rapidly deploy online classes that align with your outcomes.

Certification Management

Create, manage and track requirements, combining online and in-person courses.

Live Events

Schedule events and process registrations online, including offering a waitlist and tracking attendance.

Moment in Time

Offer additional education using a mobile device to record and post content for discussion.

Enhanced Library

Share documents, links, and social media in a central repository that features permission controls.

eCommerce Store

Sell products and take payment for custom courses and live event management.

Collaboration Process Map

Create custom plans that guide users through various lessons and events of the learning process.

Content Creation

Create dynamic, unique, and interactive learning that will engage learners of all ages.

Case Studies

Here are recent case studies concerning the challenges shared by many dioceses.

Archdiocese of San Antonio

Archdiocese of San Antonio

Archdiocese of Brookyln

Archdiocese of Brookyln

Diocese of Washington

Diocese of Washington

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Individual Learners


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