"Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world."

Pope Francis

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The My Catholic Faith Delivered platform enriches our faith by removing barriers to learning. Through MCFD’s delivery system and global Catholic library of content, you can meet today's parishioners where they are - anytime, anywhere and from any device. Scalable and configurable, MCFD's solutions are customized to meet your needs.

Solutions that meet your needs

Blended learning of live events and online learning for multiple learning styles and busy schedules.
Combine live events and online learning

Blended learning allows you to use a combination of live events and online learning to meet the needs of multiple learning styles and busy schedules.

Customize certifications, create and track learning, activities, events, and assign credits
Custom certifications and tracking

Create and track learning, activities, and events. Track certification progress and award learners with branded certificates. Define certification tracks and attach credits to outside or previous learning.

Administrator dashboard - monitor and collect data on user accounts, classes, and groups
Administrator dashboard and features

Easily create and monitor user accounts, classes, and groups. View and download data for analysis and reporting.

Inspire users through gamification where points accrue and badges are automatically rewarded
Engage users through gamification

Add an element of fun and inspire users through gamification. Take your learners on a journey where points are accrued and badges are automatically rewarded as they complete tasks.

Create and curate your content library
Use My Catholic Faith Delivered's large library or curate your own, repurpose your valuable intellectual property

Use MCFD's large library or create your own. Curate and manage group libraries, keep resources close for on demand access. Easily reuse, repurpose and share! Your valuable intellectual property is private and secure.

Easily construct lessons with a library of pre-built templates.
Easy lesson creation and content authoring

Easily construct lessons with a library of pre-built templates. Quickly create layouts and interactions using built-in tools. No code to write!

Personalized Learning Paths, additional lessons auto- generated by assessment performance
Personalized Learning Paths

Educate using outcomes. Using MCFD's robust analytics platform, users have additional lessons automatically generated by assessment performance based on their own outcomes. Review content to show mastery.

Assess learning with questions linked to diocese specific outcomes
Assess your learning

Easy, accurate way to assess learning with questions linked to diocese specific outcomes. Using a repository of over 7,000 assessment questions, questions are aligned to the six tasks of catechesis. (RE curriculum, language neutral).

Technology to connect and engage

Fully scalable online learning accessible any time from any device
Fully scalable online learning

Offer online learning courses that are accessible anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices.

Community collaboration, development of leaders helping leaders.
Community driven collaboration

Create groups to increase members’ involvement. Lead or participate in discussions and share content with others. Adopt a development environment of leaders helping leaders.

Technology to connect and Share multi-media resources with your community.
Technology to connect with your community

Share multi-media resources with your organization or group. Attach these resources to create meaningful discussions.

Use Lesson Builder to take advantage of the audio/video capabilities of devices and ensure a just-in-time experience.
Just-in-Time learning

In today’s continuously connected world, information rapidly becomes obsolete. Through MCFD's Moment-In-Time, you can take advantage of the audio/video capabilities of devices to ensure a true just in time experience. Create content both on and offline.

Extended enterprise - sell your content via ecommerce to create a new source of revenue.
Extended enterprise, ecommerce

Sell your content and create a new source of revenue by leveraging an integrated eCommerce store. Each course can be sold individually or as part of a package.

Digital Media Center -  front facing library has content organized for easy recall.
New Digital Media Center

Originally created for The Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS), this front facing library has content organized for easy recall and reuse. (No login or tracking.) Powerful search features, top ratings, and keywords make finding content extremely easy. Leading Catholic content providers have shared their content, for free, through the Digital Media Center.

Additional Features

Calendar of Events

Manage a calendar of events, assignments, and live classes.

Group Discussions

Interact with groups and class members to increase engagement.

Engaging Activities

Create and view interactive simulations and games.


Create unique activities and assessments for your class.

Multi-language Support

Offer the same content in many different languages.


Automatically scored assessments that give immediate feedback.


View detailed group and progress reports to assess learning.


Keep a history of your entire learning journey.

Email Reminders

Send custom group emails to encourage participation.

Custom Branding

Tailor the system to reflect your brand identity.

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